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We provide comprehensive Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Cleaning services across all metro and regional locations in Georgia. We offer an extensive range of kitchen cleaning services including Stainless Steel Exhaust Canopy Cleaning, Filter Exchange, Audits, Equipment Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs, Grease Cleaning, and Compliance Inspections.

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When it comes to the commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning in Georgia, we leave no stone unturned. Periodic cleaning is very much needed for commercial kitchens to maintain a high standard of cleaning. Expect a pristinely clean surface even in the areas that are least accessible like the ceilings, walls, lights, and other kitchen fittings. We ascertain that the surface is cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the possible grease and dirt accumulation.

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  • Scraping clean the complete kitchen ventilation systems from top to bottom
  • Washing all parts of the kitchen canopy with food-safe caustic cleaning chemicals and hot water
  • Pressure washing the interior and exterior of canopy when possible
  • Washing the firewall and floor underneath the equipment
  • Scrubbing any built up areas by hand with stainless steel wool
  • Washing up the flue
  • Removing all water and polishing the canopy and firewall

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We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for offices, schools, education facilities, child care centers, medical centers, gyms, and sporting complexes.